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Contact Info:

About Me

Educational History:

I am a Colorado Native and graduated from Littleton High School.  I moved from Littleton, Colorado (very close to Denver) to Canyon right after graduating high school to attend WT.  I spent three years working on my degree (I changed my mind from Engineering to Health Science and minored in Math).  Once I graduated, I found a job but it wasn’t fulfilling. I had always wanted to be a teacher but took a detour way of getting there.  I got certified to teach and taught with AISD before taking some time off to spend with my son while he was little.  I came back into teaching when he started kindergarten (2021)!


High School – Littleton High School; Littleton, Colorado
College – West Texas A&M University; Canyon, Texas

Degrees and Certifications:

I have a Bachelor of Science in Health Science and a minor in Mathematics.

I am certified in:
General Education – EC to 8th grade
Special Education – All Levels

Current Position:

This is my second year with Bushland ISD and Middle School.  I love this school district and the amazing village it has been to me and my family.  I taught in AISD at the high school level but enjoy the middle school level as well.  I taught 5th Grade Science last year, and moved up with my students to teach 6th Grade Science.

Previous Position:

I’ve worked with AISD at the high school level teaching math.  I had a new born and got the opportunity to stay home with him until he was ready to start school.

Last year, I was new to Bushland Middle School and was at the 5th Grade level.  I’m very happy to be with Bushland Middle School again this year!

Family Information:

I have one very active little boy, Landon.  He will be in first grade this year at Bushland Elementary. He LOVES coming to school, playing with friends, and being outside.  We have a Great Dane named Gracie!  She is about 130 pounds and thinks she is a lab dog.  Her mentality is: wherever my mom goes, I go – if she could come to school every day with me, she would :)


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